CGI to assist planning application

High quality artists impressions

CGI for Planning Applications

Giving your application the best chance of success.

When applying for planning permission for a design scheme, the key to success is convincing the planners the development will offer an improvement to the area, and more importantly, not have a negative impact on the surroundings.

Well crafted CGIs and Photomontages can bring your development to life, making 2D drawings and difficult to interpret plans understandable to all and ensure there’s no misinterpretation. The materials and context are expertly matched, demonstrating how the new buildings will merge sympathetically with existing. A series of CGIs and Photomontages are a crucial addition to your planning application, and give confidence to planning officers that every aspect of the design has been carefully considered.

High quality CGI renders often have the added benefit of reassuring concerned neighbours of a scheme. Complex architectural drawings can be confusing and intimidating – when shown a realistic, detailed CGI, often concerns about the scale and impact of a property development can be eased significantly, therefore reducing any potential objections, and giving the planning application a much greater chance of success.