Birds-eye aerial view of a housing development

High quality artists impressions

Aerial CGI

Birds eye views of your development.

Aerial view CGIs, also known as birds-eye view, or drone perspectives are the perfect way to showcase your whole development in one image. They are an excellent way to convey the sites layout, scale, orientation, and surroundings in an engaging way that viewers can understand instantly.

Images can be provided as either full CGIs, or if high level photographs are available, Photomontages. Each has their own advantages – Photomontages are effective in showing the real surroundings and context, whereas full CGIs are more customisable with regards to camera position and lighting.

Aerial view CGIs are extremely useful in both supporting planning applications, and marketing a development. They are also an invaluable tool in the design stage, allowing all elements to be seen at once.

Opting for a package of images often makes sense, allowing viewers to gain an overview of the project from the aerial CGI, and getting finer details and a more atmospheric understanding from eye level images.

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